Local harvest underway

KRG levies new import taxes on apples and pomegranates

ERBIL, August 16 — The Kurdistan Regional Government has initiated new import taxes ranging from 750 to 1,000 Iraqi dinars per kilogram on imported apples and pomegranates.

The harvest season for local pomegranates, apples, and various other fruits begins from mid-July until mid-September in the Kurdistan region. The government has introduced the new tax as a measure to encourage local production and consumption.

Huwa Ali, spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture, told 964: “Starting from August 15 until December 1, 2023, a tax will be levied on the import of apples and pomegranates of all types.”

“The tax will be set at 750 Iraqi dinars per kilogram for apples and 1,000 Iraqi dinars per kilogram for pomegranates.”