'Collaborative and constructive efforts'

Iraqi prime minister receives invitation for Tunisia visit

BAGHDAD, January 30 –  Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani on Tuesday received an official invitation from his Tunisian counterpart to visit Tunisia and enhance cooperation between the two countries. Tunisian Ambassador to Iraq, Shukri Al-Latif, delivered the invitation.

Official statement:

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani received, on Tuesday morning, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Iraq, Mr. Shukri Al-Latif.

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani and
Ambassador Al-Latif explored avenues for collaborative efforts between the two nations, aiming to enhance relations across various levels and sectors for the benefit of both the Iraqi and Tunisian peoples.

Ambassador Al-Latif conveyed the regards of the Tunisian Prime Minister, Mr. Ahmed Hachani, expressing appreciation for Iraq’s stances and the willingness to broaden the strategic partnership and reinforce the friendship between the two countries, as endorsed by the Tunisian President, Mr. Kais Saied.

The Tunisian Ambassador handed over a letter from Prime Minister Hachani, officially inviting Prime Minister Al-Sudani to visit Tunisia. The invitation aims to explore avenues for cooperation, elevate them to optimal levels, and affirm the commitment to collaborative and constructive efforts.

The Prime Minister appreciated the invitation, expressing his intent to visit Tunisia at the earliest opportunity. He emphasized the significance of mutual support in international forums and acknowledged Tunisia’s stance on the Palestinian issue.

His Excellency renewed the invitation to Tunisian companies to participate in Iraqi projects and investment opportunities, highlighting the significance of economic integration and success of the upcoming Iraqi-Tunisian committee meetings in Baghdad.