Government encourages fuel-efficient cars

Demand up for hybrid cars in Najaf for 2024

NAJAF, January 29 — Electric cars, especially hybrids, have gained significant popularity in Najaf, with showroom owners stating that hybrids have become the trend for 2024.

Hybrid vehicles combine two systems, a traditional gasoline or diesel fuel engine with an electric motor, burning smaller amounts of fuel and enhancing energy efficiency.

Prices for these vehicles range from 28 million and 120 million Iraqi dinars.

Ayman Housa, media manager for car dealer GWM Company, told 964media, “There is significant demand for purchasing hybrid and electric cars by Najaf residents because they are economical and have low fuel consumption.”

Hybrid cars can drive approximately 900 kilometers on a single tank while electric cars can cover 400-500 kilometers on a single charge lasting three hours.

Amir Hussein, marketing manager for Toyota, shared, “Since the beginning of 2024, cars have been reserved before they even arrive at the company.”

Toyota currently carries two types of hybrid cars in Iraq, the Corolla Cross, Highlander, and Rav-4 SUVs, as well as Crown and Camry sedans. The cars come with a warranty of 160,000 kilometers or eight years.

Customer Ali Al-Sudani said he was curious about energy efficient cars. “I came to the company to ask about the prices and specifications of hybrid and electric cars to purchase one, as they are environmentally friendly and more economical than other gasoline-powered cars with lower consumption.”

The government is looking to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric cars by waiving registration and license plate fees. Wissam Al-Kaabi, head of the traffic directorate in Najaf, shared, “[We are] encouraging citizens to acquire them as they are environmentally friendly, unlike regular fuel-powered cars. We support such decisions.”