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Youth participate in peace camp to promote social cohesion in Nineveh

NINEVEH, August 13 – For two days, young people from various cities and towns in Nineveh participated in the “Peace Camp,” discussing challenges facing the community and mechanisms to enhance unity among the province’s diverse segments. The initiative coincided with International Youth Day.

The camp was held in the Mosul Forest area, under the sponsorship of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Human Line Foundation, spanning two days.

The camp included 22 young participants from all districts and sub-districts, including Qaraqosh, Hamdaniya, Tal Keif, Zummar, Mosul, and Sinjar.

The group discussed various topics, emphasizing the importance of social cohesion, challenges hindering peaceful coexistence, and ways in which youth can contribute to peace and empowerment within societies.

A team of participants was formed to initiate humanitarian projects aiming to maintain the “social stability” experienced in Nineveh.

Qamar Naimi – Civil Activist for Network 964:
“Organizing awareness workshops, particularly for children, and crafting guidance plans targeting schools and universities is essential. Parents play the most significant role in instilling unity in children, alongside seminars and community activities.”

“Community leaders, tribal sheikhs, and religious figures also have a crucial role in peaceful coexistence by denouncing hatred and fostering unity among ethnicities, religions, and sects in Nineveh and Iraq as a whole.”

Ahmad Issa – Artist from Zummar for Network 964:
“Art contributes to achieving peace and conveys a message of peaceful coexistence through painting, theatrical performances, and literary texts.”

Aisha Hamou – From Nahla Qush for Network 964:
“Sustainable and continuous work or long-term projects are essential to preserve achieved social peace. Belief in the peace concept we propose is necessary for it to influence all segments of society.”

Laith Mohammed – Journalist for Network 964:
“Media plays a significant role in portraying positive images of peaceful coexistence and moving away from negative points. We hope for media initiatives to exchange cultures among all denominations and ethnicities, as well as transmit various religious rituals and ceremonies.”

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