In meeting with former Speaker Halbousi

Ammar Al-Hakim urges ‘political harmony’ from new speaker

BAGHDAD, 964media – Ammar Al-Hakim, leader of the Hikma Movement, met with Mohammed Al-Halbousi, leader of the Taqadum (Progress) Party, on Saturday. They emphasized the need for local governments to contribute to stability and support the government’s service-oriented agenda. Al-Hakim called for the creation of balanced governments based on cohesive teams and urged the new Parliament Speaker to achieve political harmony.

The meeting between Hakim and Halbousi comes at a politically sensitive time, with the nomination of Shalan al-Kraim of the Taqadum (Progress) Party as speaker. Opponents criticize Kraim, claiming he glorifies Saddam Hussein, with resurfaced old videos sparking controversy and fierce opposition from Shia factions. Halbousi himself is the man being replaced, having been ousted from his position leading parliament by the Shia-dominated Federal Court of Iraq late last year.

The statement from Al-Hakim’s office, received by 964media, said:

This evening, we met with Mr. Mohammed Al-Halbousi, head of the Taqadum (Progress) Party, and exchanged views on the political developments in Iraq and the region. We highlighted the importance of maintaining the stability we have achieved, considering it as the starting point for permanent stability and sustainable development. In the context of the Council of Representatives, we emphasized the need to choose a leader capable of managing the council and achieving political harmony, who also enjoys the support of its members. Regarding the provincial councils, we confirmed the importance of local governments in enhancing stability and supporting the government’s service path. We called for the creation of balanced governments based on a cohesive, competent, and honest team, capable of making a qualitative leap in the service and developmental reality of the provinces. We renewed our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their current ordeal, insisting on the need to end the war in Gaza, and emphasized that the international community should bear its responsibilities towards the suffering of our people in Palestine.