Says 50 percent of waterflow is restricted

Iraqi MP reveals breakdown in negotiations with Ankara over water-sharing agreements

BAGHDAD, January 11 — The Iraqi Parliament’s Agriculture and Water Committee has revealed a breakdown in negotiations with Turkish authorities over a water-sharing agreement.

Committee First Deputy Zozan Kocher spoke to Al-Sabah newspaper and said, “The Turkish side did not provide any response. The anticipated action from Turkey was to release 500 cubic meters per second into the Tigris River and 300 cubic meters per second into the Euphrates.”

Kocher said a Turkish dam has restricted over 50 percent of the water share destined for Iraq, emphasizing the need for further negotiations. She asserted that Iraqis have a right to water as, not a commodity,and called for equitable distribution in line with practices in other countries.

Detailing plans from the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources, Kocher outlined strategies to enhance irrigation efficiency through modern methods, with a focus on minimizing water waste and ensuring equitable distribution among governorates.

She also emphasized a need for more scientific methods featuring drought-resistant crops with moderate water consumption.