Men detained in Fallujah, Karma, and Abu Ghraib

Military intelligence captures ISIS operatives in Anbar

BAGHDAD, December 30 — Military intelligence forces arrested three individuals affiliated with ISIS in Fallujah, Karma, and the entrance to Abu Ghraib on Saturday.

Forces set up a series of ambushes to make the arrests at checkpoints at Al-Suqour, Al-Tahaddi, and Martyr Aws Aziz.

The Security Media Cell issued a statement, which read:

Based on precise intelligence provided by the intelligence branches of the Tenth and Seventeenth Divisions under the Military Intelligence Directorate, and through strategic ambushes at the Al-Tahaddi, Al-Intisar, and Martyr Major Aws Aziz control points, the security forces successfully apprehended three terrorists. These individuals were wanted by the Iraqi judiciary under the provisions of Article 4 (Terrorism) in the jurisdictions of Fallujah, Karma, and the entrance to Abu Ghraib. They were known to be associated with the terrorist gangs of ISIS.

The captured terrorists have been handed over to the relevant authorities in accordance with established legal procedures.