A colorful display of empowerment

Rural women’s exhibition showcases handicrafts and folklore in Babil

BABIL, December 28 — The two-day Rural Women’s Exhibition kicked off at the Babil Agriculture Directorate on Wednesday, featuring 16 participating agricultural branches from various districts and areas of the governorate. The exhibition highlighted a diverse array of handmade and folklore products crafted by rural women.

This marks the second exhibition of its kind organized by the Agriculture Directorate. Participants showcased creations made from palm leaves, wool, handmade items such as candles, traditional clothing, and homemade food products.

Thamer Al-Khafaji, Director of Babil Agriculture, told 964:”We aim to highlight the role of rural women and shed light on their creativity in daily life.”

“The exhibition included displays of handicrafts made from palm leaves, pottery, wool, as well as food industries. Additionally, materials were employed in the creation of home decor accessories,” he added.

Sabreen Toman, Director of the Women’s Empowerment Department, said, “We observed significant potential among rural women, especially in the field of traditional crafts and food industries. They demonstrated their ability to leverage all available resources to improve their economic conditions.”