Over 50 poets take part in festival

Love and Beauty Festival in Basra showcases poetic talent and solidarity with Gaza

BASRA, December 23 — Over 50 poets from across Iraq participated in the fourth edition of the Love and Beauty Festival in Basra this week.

Titled “From Basra to Gaza: Radiant Resilient Poems,” the event featured young poets delivering impactful verses of poetry at the Council Presidency Hall. In attendance were Aaref Al-Saadi, Cultural Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister; Ali Hasan Al-Fawaz, the head of the Writers and Authors Union; and a diverse audience of literary enthusiasts and intellectuals from Basra and other governorates.

Al-Saadi told 964, “Such cultural and literary gatherings play a significant role in nurturing talented young poets, producing brilliant and vibrant poetic works that cannot be compared to any specific age group.”

Ahvazi poet Hussein Taha Al-Tarfi shared, “Basra is accustomed to producing highly important poetic festivals. It is an honor for every poet to recite in the city of Al-Sayyab, Al-Burikan, Saadi Youssef, and many others. The reception and celebration were excellent, setting this festival apart from others, both local and Arab, where we often present our poems.”

Najafi poet Mohammed Hussein Jabri called the new edition of the Love and Beauty Festival a response to the “blatant oppression” suffered by the Palestinians. “This cycle solidified the grand cause in the hearts of young poets through their magnificent verses, expressing support and commemoration for the martyrs of Gaza,” he said.