Officials crack down on violations

Safety compliance issues lead to closure of 10 gas stations in Soran

SORAN, December, 14 — Authorities in Soran have temporarily shuttered 10 gas stations across the district due to non-compliance with safety regulations.

Out of 34 gas stations situated in Soran district, 13 were found to be in violation of civil defense requirements. Subsequently, three gas stations rectified the issues identified, leaving 10 gas stations that now face a two-day closure.

Zuber Rajab, the Mayor of Soran, provided insight into the situation, stating, “All gas stations in Soran district were inspected, and our expectation is for every gas station to adhere 100 percent to safety requirements. The closure of these 10 gas stations for two days is a measure to ensure compliance.”

According to Soran Civil Defense Spokesman Rawand Hawdiani, gas stations play a critical role in minimizing damage during accidents. He emphasized the importance of appropriate fire-fighting systems, electrical infrastructure, and underground fuel tanks as measures to significantly reduce the potential for damage in the event of an accident.

Soran Civil Defense has outlined plans to extend safety assessments beyond gas stations, with a comprehensive agenda to inspect all buildings and public spaces to ensure universal compliance with safety requirements.