Access will gradually expand across all districts

Fiber optic internet services expand in Anbar

ANBAR, December 13 — Residents of Anbar governorate have gained access to fiber internet services through a partnership between the Ministry of Communications and Al-Rahma private Company. The two-year deal aims to extend connectivity to various regions and districts.

Al-Rahma company will provide users with all necessary equipment and cables, along with a device supporting 5G technology.

Ahmed Hamza, the company’s director, stated that areas currently covered include Ramadi, Fallujah, Haditha, Karma, and Amiriya Al-Samoud, with plans to gradually extend coverage to other districts and regions.

The company also has a dedicated team to address inquiries and emphasizes customer compliance with contract terms.

New user Mahmoud Shahab told 964 he was satisfied with the fiber optic service, saying the fast and efficient connectivity would greatly contribute to enhancing communication infrastructure in Anbar.