The largest of its kind in Basra

[PHOTOS] Progress at new Basra sewage treatment project

BASRA, November 28 — Construction of a new sewage treatment facility in the Abu Al-Khasib district, the largest of its kind in Basra, is halway complete. The project’s developers say they anticipate finishing work ahead of schedule,

The new facility is expected to provide services for 650,000 people and mitigate against environmental pollution.

Resident Engineer Emad Khalef told 964, “The project, covering 120 acres in the Hamdan area in the central part of Abu Al-Khasib, falls under the initiatives of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and is executed by the Lebanese company, Boubess Group.”

“With a design capacity of 150,000 cubic meters per day, it stands as the largest sewage treatment unit in Basra. Commencing in early 2022, advanced completion rates suggest the possibility of project completion before the scheduled deadline in 2026,” Khaled added.

Engineer Saad Abdul-Kadhim, Managing Director of the project, said, “The project represents a comprehensive unit for treating heavy sewage using the extended aeration method… The filtered water is environmentally friendly and suitable for agriculture, with excess water directed to the Basra marshes if not needed. Additionally, by-products such as fertilizers can be extracted for agricultural use.”