Aimed to recognize outstanding contributors to journalism

Nasiriyah city honors pioneering artists and journalists in “Aryan Al-Sayed Khalef” ceremony

BAGHDAD, November 25 — The city of Nasiriyah honored several pioneering artists, writers, and journalists in a ceremony named after the late poet “Aryan Al-Sayed Khalef.” The event, organized by the “Steps” foundation, aimed to recognize outstanding contributors to journalism, art, and literature. Ten individuals were presented with special plaques during the ceremony held at the Engineers Club in the city center.

Hassan Fahad, Head of Steps Foundation for Network 964, stated that the recognition celebrated leading figures in the fields of art and journalism. The honorees in Dhi Qar Governorate included artist Hussein Nama, playwright Mohammed Hussein, journalist Abdulrazzaq Al-Ali, Saad Al-Mashal, Hameed Al-Shatari, musician Salem Yasser, and writers Khudair Faleh, Ajwad Mujbel, Ali Abdulnabi, and visual artist Mohammed Suwadi. Fahad also mentioned ongoing efforts to honor individuals from other provinces.

Writer Ali Abdulnabi, in an interview with Network 964, expressed that the recognition symbolized the appreciation for the achievements of those who have garnered international awards and elevated the reputation of their country.

Network 964 attempted to interview the prominent artist Hussein Nama, but he apologized and left promptly after receiving the plaque.