Omar Kooprlo's innovative food venture

Transforming a cart into a popular mobile eatery

KIRKUK, November 19 — In the narrow alleys of Alton Kupri in northern Kirkuk, instead of roaming the streets, young entrepreneur Omar Kooprlo decided to convert his “stouta” cart into a popular restaurant. He offers affordable meals, including falafel and chicken wraps, as well as roast dishes, accompanied by traditional sheep’s yogurt.

Omar Farouk, the project owner, told Network 964:

“I’ve been wandering around with the stouta, searching for work and sometimes tired. I decided to transform it into a mobile fast-food restaurant.

I sell sandwiches, whether falafel, chicken, or meat, for 1000 dinars. Also, a plate of rice with hummus for 1000 dinars, and a cup of sheep’s yogurt for 500 dinars.

My primary goal is to satisfy the customer and work on developing and expanding my project in the coming days.”

Satisfied customer Kareem Mohammed added:

“We love Omar’s dishes; their flavors are delicious, and we are drawn to his selling and preparation style, especially with the addition of lemon to the yogurt.”