Ministry gives rundown of first year accomplishments

Iraqi Ministry of Interior highlights achievements and future plans

BAGHDAD, November 2 — Iraq’s Ministry of Interior has announced its achievements during the first year of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani’s current government, highlighting the completion of a security fence along the border with Iran, the opening of addiction treatment centers, and plans to form five new police divisions, among others.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Major General Moqdad Al-Moussawi, mentioned key accomplishments, including the recruitment of 37,100 contract police officers to infuse the ministry with youthful energy. Significant restructuring efforts also merged several departments into the ministry’s headquarters. Additionally, leadership training programs have been initiated for junior officers, and a second police academy was inaugurated in Basra.

Efforts to address the country’s ongoing drug issue have been intensified, with the ministry achieving results in combating drug-related crimes. Authorities have apprehended over 16,914 individuals involved in drug-related offenses, including 88 individuals with international drug crime connections. The ministry reported it had seized four tons of drugs, 15 tons of Captagon, and killed 13 drug dealers in operations. Moreover, 1,500 vehicles were confiscated. Security operations conducted in the past year also resulted in the death of three officers and the injury of 23 others.

The Ministry of Interior plans to establish 10 offices outside of Iraq. The borders of Iraq with neighboring countries have been secured, including the erection of border fences with Iran and the enhancement of heat-sensing surveillance cameras. The southern border of Iraq has also been cleared of ordinancies from past wars.

The national identity card project in Iraq has exceeded 33.5 million issued cards, with over 31 million individuals having received their cards. Solutions for traffic congestion issues are being developed, and the transition to new license plates is set to begin in early 2024.

Unregistered motorcycles will no longer be allowed to operate on roads starting from the beginning of December.

The Ministry of Interior has also signed security agreements with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar.

Efforts are ongoing to establish five new divisions within the Federal Police, in addition to the formation of two units dedicated to maintaining public order.