Officials crack down on organized crime

Iraqi authorities dismantle criminal network peddling expired medicine and medical supplies

BAGHDAD, November 2 — The Security Media Cell announced on Wednesday that authorities had dismantled a network of traffickers selling expired medication and medical supplies while impersonating representatives of a company and falsifying expiration dates.

In a statement received by 964, the Security Media Cell stated:

As part of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service’s efforts to combat organized crime and in coordination with the Ministry of Health, [forces] successfully exposed a criminal network engaged in trading expired medicines, medical equipment, and laboratory materials. The network accomplished this by repackaging and falsifying expiration dates and industrial origins of these products before selling them in local markets.

This operation was conducted based on precise intelligence information and field surveillance, leading to the discovery of this network that operated under the guise of a specialized commercial company. All its members were apprehended on the basis of concrete evidence and subsequently referred to the relevant judicial authorities.