Companies follow international standards

Iraq achieves self-sufficiency in 11 domestically-made products

BAGHDAD, October 28 — The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Saturday that the country had achieved self sufficiency in domestically producing 11 various products, confirming that all companies adhere to quality standards.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Douha Al-Jubouri, told Al-Sabah newspaper, “The ministry has achieved self-sufficiency in several materials, including cement, soft drinks, juices, cornstarch, sugar, mineral water, industrial salt, table salt, ice cream, and aluminum cans for packaging soft drinks and juices, as well as some veterinary vaccines.”

She explained, “Local capacities are determined by market coverage, but there are no exports, but if there are, they amount to small quantities.”

Companies are subject to periodic inspections conducted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.

Al-Jubouri further noted that cement produced in the ministry’s factories across various Iraqi governorates is considered one of the best types of cement in the market, according to the President of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.

“The ministry also produces other products such as distribution and power transformers, all of which are produced for the Ministry of Electricity and have high specifications, with very few faults compared to imports,” Al-Jubouri stated. “In addition, the ministry produces electrical switchgears of various sizes and electrical standards.”