Al-Sadriya Street becomes a haven for Baghdad’s food and tea lovers

BAGHDAD, April 12 — Al-Sadriya Street in Baghdad is a popular destination for those who love traditional meals and fragrant tea with cardamom. Families and friends from the capital and other cities gather here to spend quality time together until the daily catch.

The street is especially lively during the nights of Ramadan, when customers flock to the restaurants to enjoy local popular dishes such as Kahi, Qaymar, grilled chicken, Qouzi, and Bagilla with oil.

According to Muhannad, owner of Al-Talia Restaurant, the turnout this year is better than last year, thanks to the opening of Al-Sadriya road from Al Wathba towards Al Kifah. The area is popular and attracts families and young people, who particularly enjoy kebabs and grills, despite the rise in the price from 12 to 14 thousand dinars.

Har Nasser Hussain, owner of Rasool Restaurant, says to 964 Network: “We work in shifts 24 hours a day, with each shift including a number of workers and extending for 12 hours. We offer a variety of dishes, including Kahi, Qaymar, grills, and Makhlama, and some of our clients come from Anbar and Wasit. and that the people movement this year is even better.”

Hassan Abu Ali, owner of Al-Sayed Cafeteria, notes to 964 Network: “The customer traffic was better during Ramadan last year, as it coincided with the opening of Al-Mutanabi Street. The closure of Al-Sadriya Street last year from 10 at night until 5 in the morning created an active commercial movement. With the street now open, it has become more difficult to reach due to traffic jams and the difficulty of finding a place to park cars.”

Al-Hassan Muhammad, one of the regular visitors to the street, told 964 Network: “The people do not come here just to eat suhur. They are attracted to the local atmosphere that expresses the spirit of Baghdad, and it is a great opportunity for an evening with friends who live in separate areas.”