Transforming Iraq's aviation industry

National initiative promotes eco-friendly airplane fuel and solar energy in Iraqi airports

BAGHDAD, September 18 — Iraq’s National Initiative Team for Supporting Renewable Energy has directed the Civil Aviation Authority to adopt environmentally friendly airplane fuel by the beginning of 2027 and revealed plans to implement a solar energy project at Baghdad International Airport, followed by other airports in the future.

Shaimaa Mazhar, the initiative’s coordinator and head of the Quality Management Department at the Ministry of Electricity, said in an official statement: “The Civil Aviation Authority has been directed not to use local types of fuel and to rely on environmentally friendly airplane fuel starting in 2027. This is to avoid fines imposed by international airports and air transport routes on the national carrier under international agreements.”

She further explained that meetings have been held with the Civil Aviation Authority in this regard, and efforts are underway to implement the solar energy project at Baghdad International Airport as a first step, with plans to extend it to other airports.

Mazhar also noted that the initiative team is currently working on converting 17 power generation stations from simple cycle to combined cycle within six years, with international funding or funds from the government. Additionally, they plan to install solar energy systems on 500 government buildings starting in 2024. They also have a sustainable forestation project that involves planting one million trees by government and non-governmental institutions. This initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions by 2.1%.