Antique collector in Salah Al-Din turns his home into a museum

A young man with a passion for folklore has transformed a significant portion of his home, located in the Salah Al-Din region, into a heritage museum. The museum contains a vast collection of rare artifacts, antiques, and old weapons, some of which date back to the Ottoman era.

Ayman Amer inherited his love for collecting antiques from his late father, who passed away 16 years ago.

He has since dedicated himself to preserving and expanding upon his father’s collection.

His museum boasts an impressive array of rare and valuable items, including old coins, antique guns, and daggers, some of which date back several centuries.

Ayman is deeply committed to preserving Iraq’s cultural heritage and is passionate about collecting and sharing rare antiques with visitors.

His museum has attracted a diverse range of cultural enthusiasts from various regions of the country, who are welcomed into his home and offered traditional Arabic tea and coffee.

Ayman takes great pride in sharing the history and cultural significance of each artifact in his collection, and visitors leave with a deeper appreciation for Iraq’s rich cultural heritage.

Ayman Amer told 964 Network: “I have ambitious plans to expand and further develop my museum by seeking out a larger space to accommodate new additions to my collection of antiques.”

“I aspire to transform my museum into a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. I want to showcase the beauty and richness of our history.”

“I urge both the federal and local governments to take notice of and provide support for personal museums, as an integral part of Iraqi culture, and as a means of introducing future generations to the richness of our beloved traditional heritage.”