Locals intervene to keep team off the streets

Nasiriyah football team evicted from accommodation hours before crucial match against Karmah

ANBAR — In a chaotic turn of events before a crucial Iraqi Premier Division League match, players of the Nasiriyah football team were evicted from their accommodations in Karmah, Anbar, by the tourism security officers on Friday.

Ramadi police, who oversee the tourism security force, cited licensing issues with the apartments where the team was staying. The incident unfolded hours before Nasiriyah’s scheduled Saturday match against the local Karmah team.

Videos posted by the Nasiriyah players showed them stranded on the streets late at night. The Ramadi District Commissioner intervened to resolve the situation.

Anbar residents, in a display of local hospitality, blocked the team’s vehicles and offered them shelter while local tribal sheikhs quickly took in the players after they were initially found on the streets.

Deputy Governor Sheikh Yasser Rashid Muhanna and Deputy Governor for Sports Affairs Safaa Al-Rishawi are now overseeing the team’s accommodation.

Emad Al-Mashhadani, head of Youth and Sports for Anbar, said the Nasiriyah team was invited for lunch at Sheikh Yasser Muhanna’s guesthouse before relocating to the Rose Plaza Hotel courtesy of the Anbar Governor to ensure the team’s comfort and readiness for their crucial match.

The Nasiriyah team currently leads Group One of the Iraqi Premier Division League with 27 points. Their opponents, Karmah, sit in fourth place with 22 points. The group’s winner advances to next season’s prestigious Iraq Stars League, adding significant weight to the upcoming game.

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