Group plants 70 mulberry trees

Young villagers embark on a tree-planting campaign in Choman

CHOMAN — A group of young people from Enne village in Choman district are taking initiative to increase the flora in their community through a tree-planting campaign.

The group planted 70 mulberry trees along the village’s main road on Friday and aims to transform the barren roadside into a verdant space.

With plans to plant an additional 70 trees, the initiative highlights the group’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The mulberry trees were specifically chosen for their hardiness and suitability to the local climate.

“We’ve already planted 70 saplings and prepared 140 spots,” said Bashdar Ennayi, a group member from the village. “We intend to plant more in the near future.”

The group’s dedication extends beyond planting with members actively working to construct an irrigation system to ensure the trees’ survival.

Seeking to expand their efforts, the young villagers are calling for support from the local community and environmentalists. Their goal is to acquire more mulberry saplings and significantly increase the area’s green cover.

Enne village lies within the Balakayati area, a scenic part of Choman district known for its mountainous routes.