‘Please plant this sapling’

Two widespread initiatives encourage tree planting

RAWANDUZ– In two separate but equally expansive activities, doors were knocked on, and saplings were given out for planting, accompanied by a note that says, “Please plant this sapling.”

The first activity took place in the center of the Rawanduz district, marking the Education Environment Day. A significant number of saplings were planted, and some were distributed to households. Additionally, cleaning operations were conducted in eight schools.

In 2022, March 31 was declared as the Environment Educational Day in Kurdistan Region to promote environmental protection among students.

Hazhar Mahir, the director of Soran’s Environmental Department, told 964media that they aim to make this year’s observance of the occasion different during the month of Ramadan. He mentioned, “Along with each sapling, we provided a note to the households stating, ‘Please plant this sapling and take care of the environment.'”

He added that if a household was not present, they would leave the sapling and the note at the door, expressing a desire to change and increase the culture of sapling planting.

Seminars emphasizing the importance of the environment were also presented to students in Rawanduz educational centers.

Similarly, in the Khanke district, under the jurisdiction of the Duhok’s Semel district, environmental protection groups and teams roamed the streets of the area, distributing saplings to the houses.

The initiative in Khanke aimed at enhancing the green areas, part of an ongoing campaign in this direction.

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