Suspected of defrauding elderly

Babil police arrest man ‘posing as wealthy Gulf citizen’

BABIL — Authorities in Babil arrested an individual Monday for allegedly masquerading as a wealthy Gulf citizen and defrauding women and elderly residents of the Al-Musayyib district. The individual is being held under Article 456 of the Penal Code, related to fraud and deceit, following a judge’s order.

The Babil Police Command announced that the Al-Musayyib Criminal Investigation Department captured the scam artist, who hailed from a neighboring province. By adopting the persona of a rich individual from the Gulf, the accused targeted vulnerable groups in the Al-Musayyib district, located north of Babil.

The fraudster reportedly preyed on the goodwill of his victims, falsely promising financial support to impoverished families while utilizing counterfeit currency, both foreign and Iraqi, to ensnare them.

Upon interrogation, the individual confessed to seven acts of fraud and deception within the district. These confessions have been officially recorded and verified by the court.

The judge mandated the suspect’s detention as per Article 456/1 of the Iraqi Penal Code, with the accused facing charges for these egregious offenses.

The Babil Police Command advises the public to remain vigilant against such deceptive practices and to thoroughly verify the identity and legitimacy of any individual offering financial assistance.