Sufi robes and chanting

Mosul embraces Ramadan with vibrant traditions and a message of unity

MOSUL — Streets in Mosul buzzed with tradition and unity during a procession to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, organized by the Betna Foundation for Culture. Chanters in Sufi robes and distinctive Mullah Osman Al-Mosuli hats led the event, accompanied by hundreds of children in bright traditional clothes through the historic alleys. Christian volunteers also contributed, demonstrating deep intercommunal solidarity.

Steve Emad, a Christian volunteer, told 964media, “It’s heartwarming to be part of this team in Mosul during Ramadan. Seeing the children’s smiles and their happiness is moving. We see no difference among us in doing good. As a Christian, my participation aims to send a message of peace in Nineveh.”

Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani, a chanter, shared his greetings, “From old Mosul’s heart, from a house rich in history and heritage, we extend our warmest Ramadan wishes to the world. Today, the Betna Foundation organized a delightful tour for old Mosul’s children, reviving the city’s and Iraq’s cherished customs and traditions.”

The celebration included a scenic bus tour for children around the city’s cultural landmarks, featuring the chanting of religious and folklore poems to mark the start of Ramadan.