Stressing need for arms control

Interior ministry says suspects in tribal gunfight arrested

DHI QAR — Brigadier Maqdad Al-Meeri, spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, reported the successful conclusion of security operations in the Al-Isshaqi district, located to the east of Dhi Qar province, following a recent tribal gunfight in the area.

During a press conference held on Friday, Al-Meeri announced that the operations led to the arrest of 123 individuals implicated in the tribal conflict and the seizure of various weapons.

The briefing also addressed the loss of Brigadier General Aziz Shalal Al-Shami, who was killed in the recent tribal skirmish in the province. Al-Meeri stressed that weapons should only be held by the state.

He detailed that security forces, supported by Army aviation, carried out the operations over three days, resulting in the significant arrests and confiscation of arms.

Al-Meeri pledged the Ministry of Interior’s ongoing commitment to fostering civil peace and ensuring the safety of all residents in the province.