In Anbar's Hit

Tanoor Hatb: reviving traditional wood-fired grilling

HIT – Omar Yassin has sparked a culinary resurgence in Hit with the debut of Tanoor Hatb, a grill that prides itself on using wood and palm fronds to fire up its chicken. Having acquired a kiln from one of Najaf’s skilled artisans, Yassin has successfully drawn a loyal following, captivated by the unique flavors that evoke the essence of springtime barbecues.

Yassin told 964media, “I set everything up and then launched this unique venture in the Al-Jam’iyya neighborhood of Hit, opting for a wood-only grilling technique that avoids using oil to start the fire.

It’s possible I’m the first in the city to adopt the durable Najafi kiln.”

This grilling method, deeply entrenched in tradition, requires careful preparation of the kiln, including the precise placement of wood, fronds, and palm trunks, before igniting the fire. “Our approach draws customers not just from Hit, but also from nearby areas like Al-Khouda, Hay Amina, and Hay Al-Bakr. Although we offer delivery, the majority of our customers prefer to dine in,” Yassin continued.

The wood, purchased from local villages for 200,000 dinars per truckload, along with palm leaves and fronds generously donated by orchard owners, are key to Tanoor Hatb’s distinct flavor. Yassin uses frozen chicken, offering whole grilled chickens for 9,000 dinars and serving individual portions for 3,000 dinars, catering especially to families.

Buoyed by the positive reaction from the community, Yassin is considering expanding his menu to include a variety of items such as fish, wings, thighs, and chicken kebabs.

Customer Rashid Mohammed shared his fondness for the nostalgic flavors: “The grilled dishes here rekindle the old-school taste we typically only encounter during special picnics, where there’s plenty of room for the barbecue ritual. That’s why we love Omar’s pure wood-grilled chicken.”