Targeting of Kuwaiti national

Erbil Asayish arrests suspected cyber extortionists

ERBIL – The Erbil Security Directorate (Asayish) apprehended two individuals on Monday for cyber extortion, following threats to disseminate inappropriate video clips of a Kuwaiti citizen across social media platforms. The arrests occurred after the victim lodged a complaint regarding the extortion attempt.

A statement from the Erbil General Security Directorate, as translated by 964media, detailed that the Kuwaiti, identified only as A.M.S., submitted a complaint to the Erbil Security Directorate. He disclosed that a group in the Kurdistan Region had acquired inappropriate videos and images of him via social media and threatened to release these materials unless he sent money from Kuwait to Erbil through remittance.

After comprehensive verification and information gathering, and upon receiving authorization from the investigating judge, security forces succeeded in detaining the suspects, identified as A.A.M. and B.F.H. These individuals were implicated in threatening several citizens and are currently under investigation.

The Erbil Security Directorate has issued a warning to the public against engaging in cyber extortion and similar crimes, emphasizing that such actions will incur legal consequences.