Heads of Karbala, Maysan, Nineveh

Prime Minister Al-Sudani meets with governors to ‘boost services’

BAGHDAD — On Saturday, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani engaged in pivotal discussions with the governors of Nineveh, Abdul Qader Al-Dakhil; Maysan, Habib Zahir Al-Fartousi; and Karbala, Nasif Al-Khattabi, to deliberate on enhancing the performance of executive and service agencies across their respective governorates, aiming to fulfill the citizens’ expectations.

In separate meetings, as detailed by statements from Al-Sudani’s office, the PM extended congratulations to the governors on their recent appointments, acknowledging the confidence vested in them by their provincial councils. Al-Sudani emphasized the critical nature of their roles in improving the functionality of executive and service sectors to meet public aspirations.

Al-Sudani highlighted the federal government’s commitment to tailoring its program to address the unique needs and priorities of each governorate, with a citizen-centric approach. He underscored the importance of service and executive bodies in the provinces as integral to the government’s efforts to achieve its program objectives.

The discussion with Governor Al-Dakhil of Nineveh focused on the urgent need for reconstructing infrastructure damaged during the occupation by terrorist groups, promoting social peace, and implementing service programs essential for the return and stabilization of displaced persons.

In Maysan, Al-Sudani and Governor Al-Fartousi reviewed service plans and priorities, emphasizing the continuation of projects that meet actual needs, especially in the services sector, including water and sewage systems and the completion of hospital projects.

Meeting with Karbala’s Governor Al-Khattabi, Al-Sudani reiterated the necessity for the province’s service, economic, and social programs to be aligned with the federal government’s agenda. He stressed the importance of enhancing services in the Holy City of Karbala, considering its unique historical and religious importance, and improving the living conditions of its residents.

Al-Sudani affirmed the government’s support for provincial service and executive departments, alongside strengthening the supervisory and legislative roles of provincial councils, to ensure a coherent and integrated effort with the federal government’s endeavors.