Iraq Technology Assembly

Iraqi youth group bridges tech gap with online forum aiming for real-world impact

BAGHDAD — A group of young Iraqis have carved a niche for themselves in the digital landscape by founding the “Iraq Technology Assembly,” an online community committed to informing and empowering Iraqi youth on all things tech.

Launched in 2020, the group, now overseen by a seven-member team, has amassed over 116,000 members across Iraq, but primarily concentrated in Baghdad, Nineveh, and Basra. Despite the impressive reach, female participation remains a hurdle, currently standing at only 13.2%.

The group’s main goal is to bridge the tech gap in Iraq and cultivate a love for technology among young people, according to Jamal Al-Nasser, one of the group’s founders. Along with co-founders and fellow tech enthusiasts, Al-Nasser said they hope to become the go-to tech community in the country, combating tech illiteracy and becoming a source for information on the latest advancements in the tech industry.

The assembly currently serves as a curated platform for tech news, drawing information from what they deem to be credible global agencies and official tech company sources. With a commitment to accuracy, members also try to combat misinformation by debunking fake news and ensuring proper citation.

Beyond virtual engagement, the group aspires to offer real-world courses in phone repair and maintenance, photography, programming, and more. They also envision facilitating knowledge exchange and networking through gatherings across Iraqi governorates.

Member engagement plays a central role, with daily posts addressing tech-related issues and discussions often infused with humor. Competitions are regularly held, offering prizes like cash, devices, and exclusive discounts to incentivize participation.

The group’s impact extends beyond mere entertainment, aiming to empower young Iraqis and foster a growing tech culture within the country.