Ministry of Interior statement

Iraqi federal police lists achievements over one week in 10 cities

BAGHDAD – The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday the results of a weeklong operation conducted by the Federal Police in 10 cities, including Baghdad, Kirkuk, Samarra, Karbala, Basra, Dhi Qar, Babil, Maysan, Wasit, and Diyala.

According to a statement received by 964media, the operations led to significant security achievements across various jurisdictions. The key outcomes of the operations include:

  1. Arrest of 18 individuals wanted under Article 4 of the Iraqi penal code for terrorism.
  2. Detention of 20 suspects involved in the trafficking and consumption of narcotics.
  3. Seizure of 3,404 grams of various types of narcotics and 60 different types of narcotic pills.
  4. Arrest of 409 individuals wanted under various legal articles.
  5. Seizure of 55 unlicensed firearms of different types and 1,330 rounds of ammunition.
  6. Confiscation of 1,916 vehicles and motorcycles lacking official documentation.
  7. Discovery and disposal of 7 improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  8. Removal and destruction of 17 mortar shells of various types.
  9. Clearance and disposal of various types of wartime ordnance.
  10. Removal and disposal of 7 hand grenades.
  11. Organization of 1 blood donation campaign and various humanitarian and service cases.
  12. Continued support by the Military Engineering Directorate to the governmental service effort in Baghdad and other provinces.
  13. Launch of awareness and educational campaigns on the dangers of drugs and psychotropic substances to individuals and society.
Wasit police seize thousands of weapons

Wasit police seize thousands of weapons