Tributes paid to late Abbas Hamza

Basra poetry session draws enthusiastic turnout, response

BASRA — On Friday evening, the Sumer Foundation for Development and Talents in Basra hosted a captivating poetry session that drew audiences from Basra and beyond. The event, filled with enthusiastic participation, was led by poet Qasim Ameen who adopted the engaging presentation style of the late journalist Abbas Hamza, known for his program “Al-Tariq.”

Abbas Hamza, a luminary in Iraqi media and host of several influential talk shows, including “Al-Tariq,” passed away in 2023. He was celebrated for his insightful interviews with notable figures in literature and the arts across Iraq and the Arab world.

Mayada Al-Amara, director of the Sumer Foundation, emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering cultural and literary events in Basra, especially for the youth and children, aiming to nurture their talents.

Mohammed Al-Wasmi, a poet from Baghdad, highlighted the significance of poetry readings in Basra for introducing poets to wider Iraqi audiences. He noted the challenging selection process due to the discerning tastes of the audience, underscoring the achievement of having poetry presented in such esteemed venues.

Wissam Sbahy, a member of the administrative committee, reflected on the support provided by Basra’s associations and forums to previous generations. He expressed a commitment to showcasing contemporary poetry in its finest form, ensuring equal opportunities for all groups. Sbahy also mentioned plans to recognize and honor emerging talents in the near future.