Animals left behind as waters recede

Flash flood in Akre claims 16 sheep, civil defense responds to rescue livestock

AKRE – A sudden flash flood struck Gardagoran village in the Akre district on Wednesday night, resulting in the loss of 16 sheep. Heavy rainfall caused a flash flood in a nearby stream, engulfing a total of 27 livestock.

A local resident documented the aftermath, sharing footage with 964media that showed the extent of the flooding and bodies of the sheep left behind as flood waters receded.

“We were alerted to an incident involving several sheep trapped by floodwaters,” reported Ibrahim Farooq, spokesperson for Akre’s civil defense. “Our teams responded promptly and managed to rescue 11 sheep. Unfortunately, 16 perished in the flood.”

While efforts are ongoing to ensure the safety of both residents and livestock in the region, the unexpected heavy rainfall, unusual for this time of year, caused a sudden surge in water levels, leading to the loss of livestock.