Pledge to work together, 'surmount obstacles'

Al-Maliki discusses coordination with Baghdad local government

BAGHDAD—Nouri Al-Maliki, the leader of the State of Law Coalition, held discussions on Tuesday with Ammar Al-Qaisi, the President of the Baghdad Provincial Council, and several council members. The focus of the meeting was on enhancing dialogue between political entities and local government bodies in Baghdad, including its secretariat, to address challenges and foster unity in the provision of services.

Al-Maliki’s office released a statement saying he welcomed Dr. Ammar Al-Qaisi and council members to his office, marking the occasion as a step toward bolstering communication with Baghdad’s political and governmental sectors.

During the meeting, Al-Maliki extended his congratulations to the president and members of the Baghdad Provincial Council on their new roles, underscoring the importance of cooperation and coordination among the council, the governorate, and the Baghdad Municipality. He pledged his continued support for the local government’s efforts to improve service delivery in the capital.

Al-Maliki highlighted the necessity of ‘working together to surmount obstacles’ and achieve comprehensive service integration, aiming to fulfill the ambitions of Baghdad’s residents for a better future in the city and its surrounding areas.

In response, Dr. Ammar Al-Qaisi acknowledged the council’s reliance on the backing of all political and national forces to transform the city’s landscape. He commended Al-Maliki’s commitment to assisting local governments in their mission to better serve the populace.